07/02 – multi tasking AXON, CLNE and ENPH

I started my day trading career with Tim Sykes and when I wanted to learn more, I joined Investors Underground. The DVD’s that helped me the most were Tim Grittani’s Trading Tickers and Nate Michaud’s Tandem Trader.  Software that has helped me in my early years was: Trade Ideas software. Now I use FINVIZ ELITE. Click on the highlighted links for more details. For my main page, please click here: Day trading for beginners


Watch list for today:  TRXC, ENPH, GERN, ARQL, VSTM, ZFGN, AXON, VKTX, and CLNE.

The day so far

Today was a multi tasking type of day, as I was stupid enough to enter three trades at the same time. TRXC had no borrows, so that was of the list. AXON moved together with CLNE and ENPH. Not on all that strong volume, but also nothing to complain about. Would have like to see volume popping at least 1 million. I missed the ASNA fail ‘n burn play. That was sad. But it did not have any significant volume, so yeah. That’s a no go.


AXON was an “out of the gates play”. You need quick hands to do this. risk was at 2.30 and my average was at 2.20. Covered at 2.17 when the up tend looked more solid and VWAP broke. I thought this was going to go ballistic above VWAP, but it didn’t. Crashed into 2.20 resistance and moved back a bit.


I entered ENPH because VWAP was rejected. Then it played around a bit and jumped above VWAP, went green and squeezed some shorts into that 7.20 resistance. Could have entered again at this level with an push ‘n fail strategy. But at this point I could not be bothered anymore. That’s a strong move IMO!


CLNE is the only stock that is still crashing. It failed that 3.80 resistance and went under VWAP. No real move yet to be excited about, but it is doing something. I will keep my short as long as this ticker is down trending. A wash to 3.50 would be nice if 3.60 low of day will crack.


The market feels a bit bored at the moment. No real volume. The big boys are being smoked in CEI, GBR and the other heavy runners. Not me, I play my niche. This will be a short blog post too. Sorry for that.

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  • kindly note here that this should not be treated as advice, trade advice or any of the sort. Always trade your own plan, cut losses quickly and never follow any alerts. Always do your own research!
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